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Reality TV: Security Squad

I was recently asked to produce an action reel for an upcoming reality TV show. Leading the project was the show’s creator, Sid Westcott (aka, “Boss”).  Sid is a co-owner of Goodfellaz Executive Protection, LLC and is a focused, hands-on director with a good eye for detail and story development.  The show’s focus is viewed through the lens of  Sid’s relationship with his sister – a co-owner of the business.  His cast of under-bosses each manage a different division of the company’s security operations.

Jeff is responsible for nightclub security.  In the interest of maintaining crowd safety, his team keeps a close eye on patrons who could cross a number of behavioral lines that won’t be tolerated by staff or management.  Shorty (Mike) is responsible for executive protection and training the rest of the crew for proficiency in weapons tactics, while Moe is responsible for facility security operations.

Lindsey does her part by working with clients to schedule services and coordinate personnel logistics with the Boss.   Lindsey has expressed interest in discovering the security side of the business and takes part in group training exercises whenever possible.  Her status as an agent is pending further evaluation.


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