The Benefits Of Mastering In 4K

UHD Image 1

Ultra High Definition (UHD Broadcast) and 4K (DCI Standard)  are not new standards in the film and broadcast industry.  Red released the first 4K capable digital camera in 2007 with the Red One.  Since that time many camera manufacturers have seemingly tip-toed along toward releasing 4K cameras designed to serve …

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Review: Yongnuo YN300 LED Light

The new king of budget LED lights has arrived, say hello to the Yongnuo YN300. If you’re familiar with Yongnuo, you know they have been successful at releasing some high-value products as of late.  The YN560-III Speedlite has been well-received by budget-conscious, enthusiast and pro photographers looking for a powerful …

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Review: BMD Pocket Cinema Camera

Introduction This multi-part review is meant to provide some feedback on the Pocket Cinema Camera’s viability as a professional production tool.  To be fair, Blackmagic Design does not really advertise the camera for this job, it is billed as more of an enthusiast camera that could be rigged for a …

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Reality TV: Security Squad


I was recently asked to produce an action reel for an upcoming reality TV show. Leading the project was the show’s creator, Sid Westcott (aka, “Boss”).  Sid is a co-owner of Goodfellaz Executive Protection, LLC and is a focused, hands-on director with a good eye for detail and story development.  …

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